A Prayer Is A Prayer

I am often asked by total strangers if it is ok for them to pray for me.  My response is always the same; I am appreciative of any and all prayers.  I have been part of prayer circles in school cafeterias, the local jewelry store, on sidewalks, in temples, and churches.  I have been told that people are praying for me all over the world.  Today, I was touched when over 50 Hernando County teachers said a prayer for me.

I spent my entire life going to Hebrew school.  I grew up on Jewish values.  I did what was expected of me; I went to college and married a nice jewish guy.  Or so I thought… 

So, as I got older and life happened I started to question my faith and I wondered where God was in my life.  I began to turn towards people I had lost, my grandfather, in particular. 

I spoke to him and looked to him for help and guidance.  I look in my rearview mirror for Ellen and confide in her as if she was there, listening. I continue to do this now but I have also allowed God back in.  I am not sure what role he plays yet because I am constantly seeking the wisdom to figure out what my purpose is. 

I do look towards God for that answer and so no matter who or what we pray to I will accept any prayers to help guide me through this life.


Author: StacyNeedsAKidney

I need a kidney in order to live!

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